Excessive Force

Excessive force (also known as unreasonable force or police brutality) occurs when a government official exceeds the minimum amount of necessary force to diffuse a specific incident that could lead to the harm of anyone involved. The term excessive force doesn’t exclusively apply to cases where a person was killed due to law enforcement misconduct.  Excessive force can include physical restraint, physical violence, and verbal threats.

Excessive force may be considered a form of battery. There isn’t one precise definition for excessive force, so courts engage in a fact-intensive examination of each excessive force case they hear. Any physical violation of your rights may constitute a form of excessive force or police brutality.

Many potential lawsuits involving excessive force are never filed out of fear of retaliation or a misunderstanding of your legal options. Don’t let this be the case for you or your loved ones! If you feel you were harmed in any way by law enforcement, you may be entitled to a settlement or legal action on your behalf. Excessive force is a delicate issue and our team wants to make sure you get the justice you deserve and the monetary compensation that you are entitled.

The Kulis Law Team will use our legal resources to build your case and discuss your options. We do extensive reviews of evidence, documents, files, and media including (but not limited to):

  • Witness Statements
  • Medical Reports
  • Police Statements & Interviews
  • Arrest Reports
  • Accident Reports
  • Video Recordings (e.g. body-worn camera and dash-cam footage)
  • 911 Call Transcripts & Recordings

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