Commercial Litigation

The Kulis Law Team is built to help family-owned businesses, general employers, business officers, directors, shareholders, and employees in business and corporate litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience advising on and executing the best courses of legal action for our clients. We work to get the outcome you desire with the fewest legal battles.

As a small business owner himself, Gregory Kulis ensures that the Kulis Law Team listens and understands your concerns about your current legal issues and any potential legal issues your business might be facing. The Kulis Law Team works with clients to develop cost-effective strategies to achieve their legal goals. Our team will help you accomplish these legal goals with as few disputes as possible.

We try to settle cases without incurring costly trial fees to spare our clients unnecessary, burdensome expenses. The Kulis Law Team is experienced and highly skilled in settlement negotiation. However, if a trip to court is necessary, you can be sure our team will be there to advocate for you.

If you need commercial litigation representation, contact us online or call us at 312-580-1830. We conduct initial consultations free of charge.