Kulis Law Files Lawsuit Against Dolton Police for the Unjustified Shooting of 19-year-old Alexis Wilson

On July 13th, Kulis Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family of Alexis Wilson, a 19-year-old killed by police last year. Alexis was in the drive-thru of Baba’s Restaurant when she and the employees got into an argument about her order. The employees called the police. When the police arrived, they asked Alexis to get out of the car. When she replied that she was not properly dressed and could not exit the vehicle. The officers opened the door of her vehicle and she attempted to drive away. The officers opened fire on Alexis, killing her. Alexis’ attempt to drive away did not justify the use of deadly force.

City of Chicago Spends Nearly $40 Million A Year on Outside Law Firms — Mostly to Defend CPD Officers

The City of Chicago spends a striking $40 million dollars each year on outside law firms, and 75% of that is on police department cases.

In the case of our client, Ariel Roman, the City is not only spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside counsel to defend the officers that shot Mr. Roman on the CTA red line, they are also calling to fire and criminally charge those same officers.

“It’s kind of comical that the city of Chicago has three law firms representing the two officers and the City of Chicago alleging that their actions were justified yet, when we get called by the superintendent’s lawyers who are saying well, we want to help us get these officers indicted,” said Kulis. “So, the city of Chicago is spending money on both sides of the tracks, and Ariel is sitting here just trying to move on with his life.”

“If they’re willing to spend all this money for all this trouble and yeah, they can’t give me not one dime,” said Roman.

Ex-CPS Principal Sues CPD and Former Employee for Malicious Prosecution with the Help of Kulis Law

Kulis Law is representing Kurt Jones, a former CPS principal, in a lawsuit against a CPD Detective Juan Gonzalez and lunchroom attendant Faye Jenkins. Detective Juan Gonzalez and Faye Jenkins conspired to have Kurt Jones arrested despite there being no evidence of criminal intent or criminal acts, violating Mr. Jones’ civil rights. Mr. Jones was found not guilty on all charges at trial. “Mr. Jones fought these outrageous criminal charges for a year and three months at the criminal courts building at 26th and California,” Gregory Kulis said. Now, Kulis Law is fighting for justice for Kurt Jones.

Kulis Law filed a wrongful death lawsuit against former CPD officer Charlie Bell on behalf of the family of the late Treasure Hendrix

Our office has file a three-count lawsuit in Cook County against Charlie Bell for the wrongful death of Treasure Hendrix. With this lawsuit, we allege that Charlie Bell contributed to Treasure Hendrix’s untimely death. Along with the lawsuit, we are issuing several subpoenas to entities, such as the Chicago Police Department, in a concerted effort to gather as much evidence and information about the tragic death of Treasure Hendrix and conduct the sincere investigation that law enforcement did not.

CPD Officer Indicted for Shooting Ariel Roman on CTA Red Line

A year and a half after Kulis Law client Ariel Roman was shot by a CPD officer at a Red Line station, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office charged the shooting officer with charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and official misconduct.

Kulis Law filed lawsuit against US Bank after elderly couple is mistaken for armed bank robbers

An elderly couple that was swarmed by police and handcuffed as they were mistakenly identified as bank robbers in Oak Park have filed a lawsuit against US Bank. The Dugars said they used to be bank customers, stopping in several times a week and always talking to all the employees. But no more. Their attorney has filed suit, accusing US Bank of negligence. “The only way to alter and eradicate systemic racism is to bring these lawsuits,” said Gregory Kulis, attorney.

Gregory Kulis attends Social Justice Celebration for the Truth, Hope and Justice Initiative

Greg Kulis with Flint Taylor, renowned civil rights attorney (left), Andrew Stroth, founder of Truth, Hope and Justice (center), Beatrice Roberson, mother of police shooting victim Jemel Roberson (right).

Rare situation: Monique West meets Eric Giese, the officer that shot and killed her son, Ty’Rese West, in 2019

Monique West, the mother of deceased Ty’Rese West, and Sgt. Eric Giese, the officer that shot and killed Ty’Rese, met at Sgt. Giese’s depostion.

Former Employees Sue Manny’s Blue Room Lounge After 2018 Shooting

A bartender and security guard filed a lawsuit against their employer, Manny’s Blue Room Lounge, stemming from the same shootout that led to Officer Ian Covey shooting and killing security guard Jemel Roberson.

GEK Associate Leads Women’s March in Downtown Chicago

On October 17, 2020, Gianna Gizzi, of our firm,  organized and led the Women’s March 2020, “Vote. March. Dissent,” in downtown Chicago. The march and rally served to protest the recent Supreme Court nomination, encourage citizens to vote, and demonstrate unity and civility among individuals from all walks of life.  The event started at the Dirksen Federal Plaza and proceeded to the Daley Plaza, where hundreds of people marched for the causes.  Go Gianna!

State’s Attorney Decides Not to Bring Charges Against Midlothian Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Jemel Roberson

Jemel Roberson’s family, alongside their attorneys, spoke Friday after the announcement was made that no charges would be filed in his police shooting death.

Ariel Roman, Shot By Police At Grand Red Line Station, Sues City, Two Officers

Attorneys Andrew Stroth, Gloria Schmidt, and Gregory Kulis for Ariel Roman answer questions at a press conference about the civil rights lawsuit filed against Chicago Police Officers.

Family of Ty’Rese West Files Federal Lawsuit Against Mount Pleasant Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Ty’Rese in June 2019

Attorneys Gregory Kulis and Andrew Stroth speak at a press conference on December 17, 2019, alongside Monique West, mother of Tyrese West, who was shot and killed by Mount Pleasant Police Officer Eric Giese.

Brothers Involved in the Jussie Smollett Case Sue for Defamation

Attorneys for Ola and Bola Osundairo, Gregory Kulis, James Tunick, and Gloria Schmidt, held a news conference to discuss the lawsuit, which has been filed against Smollett’s attorneys, Mark Geragos and Tina Glandian.

Fatal Police Shooting of Security Guard Jemel Roberson

Beatrice Roberson, center, and her attorney, Gregory Kulis, right, gathered with a group of supporters outside where Roberson’s son, Jemel, was killed by a Midlothian police officer while working as a security guard.

Indiana Court of Appeals Decides in Favor of Wrongfully Prosecuted Man

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