Contract Litigation

Contract litigation refers to lawsuits involving contract disputes, discrepancies, and broken contracts. Most contracts are notoriously hard to understand for anyone who doesn’t have a law degree. The understanding and agreement a plaintiff makes may not be what he or she bargained for. Cases can be made on the legitimacy of a contract and the legal interpretation and the facts leading up to the dispute.

The scope of a contract also plays a large role in litigation and can be the difference between a long, drawn-out case and a short one. Many comprehensive agreements include clauses that may not be reasonable for anyone to legally uphold.

If you have recently run into an issue with a contract you signed, you may have more options than you think. It is imperative to have a business lawyer look over your contract in order for you to understand your rights. The team at Kulis Law is ready to make sure that you don’t have to uphold unreasonable standards set forth in an unlawful or misinterpreted contract.

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